Why is Technical SEO So Underrated?

It’s common to hear how important content and referring domains are in SEO. But why do you so rarely her about the importance of Technical SEO?

Technical SEO: The undervalued foundation of every SEO Campaign.

Author: Tom C.

Tom is the Founder and SEO Lead at Semrank. 

The Role of Technical SEO

Technical SEO plays a multifaceted and indispensable role in determining a website’s search engine ranking and overall online visibility. Beyond the attention-grabbing aspects of content marketing and backlink acquisition, technical factors form the foundation upon which search engines evaluate and rank websites. From ensuring seamless website crawling and indexing to enhancing user experience and page load speed, technical SEO directly influences how search engines perceive and value your website.

Why is Technical SEO undervalued?

Lack of Visibility and Recognition:

One prevailing misconception surrounding technical SEO is that it remains hidden in the shadows of content-driven strategies and, thus, receives inadequate recognition. While content is indeed a vital aspect of SEO, neglecting technical optimisation can severely impact your website’s discoverability and hinder its performance in search results. Search engines rely on technical factors, such as site structure and indexability, to determine how efficiently they can access and present your content to users. By investing in robust technical SEO practices, you lay the groundwork for improved visibility and greater chances of ranking higher in search engine results.

Perceived Complexity and Difficulty:

Technical SEO is often viewed as a complex and challenging realm of search engine optimisation. The intricacies of website architecture, server configurations, and various technical jargon can seem daunting, especially for those not well-versed in web development or SEO practices. However, understanding and implementing technical SEO need not be an insurmountable task. With the right guidance and resources, website owners and marketers can grasp the fundamental technical aspects and optimise their sites to align with search engine guidelines effectively.

Focus on Immediate Results:

Some individuals may prioritise short-term gains over sustained technical SEO efforts. Technical optimisation often involves incremental improvements and may not deliver immediate, dramatic results. However, this focus on long-term performance is precisely what sets the stage for consistent growth and stability. By investing in technical SEO, you are setting your website on a path towards lasting success and resilience in the dynamic landscape of search engine algorithms and user preferences.

The Benefits of Technical SEO

Long-Term Impact on Search Rankings:

While content creation and backlinks often take the spotlight in SEO discussions, the long-term impact of technical SEO on search rankings cannot be underestimated. Technical optimisation sets the foundation for your website’s search engine performance, ensuring that search bots can crawl and index your content efficiently. By addressing issues like crawlability, site structure, and mobile responsiveness, you enhance your website’s overall search engine visibility and authority, leading to sustainable improvements in search rankings over time.

User Experience (UX) and Conversion Rates:

Technical SEO plays a critical role in shaping the user experience, and a positive UX is vital for converting visitors into loyal customers. Factors like page speed, mobile responsiveness, and intuitive navigation directly impact how users interact with your website. Websites that load quickly, adapt seamlessly to different devices, and offer easy navigation are more likely to retain visitors and foster trust and engagement. By focusing on technical SEO aspects that enhance user experience, you create an environment that encourages conversions and drives business growth.

Enhancing Website Accessibility:

An often overlooked aspect of technical SEO is its impact on website accessibility. Technical optimisation ensures that all users, including those with disabilities, can access and navigate your website without barriers. By adhering to web accessibility standards and guidelines, you create an inclusive digital experience, catering to a broader audience and potentially expanding your customer base. Not only is this socially responsible, but it can also positively influence your website’s reputation and user loyalty.

Competitive Advantage and Industry Authority:

Technical SEO can offer a competitive advantage by positioning your website as a leader in your industry. When search engines recognise your website’s technical excellence, it bolsters your credibility and authority within your niche. This recognition can lead to higher click-through rates, longer dwell times, and more backlinks from reputable sources, all of which contribute to improved search rankings and a dominant market position. By investing in technical SEO, you establish your website as a go-to resource in your industry, attracting a loyal customer base and outshining your competitors.

What Tools can help with Technical SEO?

Google Search Console:

Google Search Console is an essential and free tool provided by Google that offers invaluable insights into your website’s performance in search results. It helps you monitor your website’s presence on Google, submit sitemaps, and identify and fix technical issues that may hinder your website’s indexing and visibility. The tool provides valuable data on search queries, click-through rates, and crawl errors, enabling you to optimise your website for better search engine rankings and user experience.


GTMetrix is a powerful website performance analysis tool that allows you to measure and analyse your website’s page speed and performance. By generating detailed reports and performance grades, GTMetrix helps you identify areas for improvement and optimise your website’s loading times. Faster loading pages enhance user experience, reduce bounce rates, and contribute to better search engine rankings, making GTMetrix an essential tool for technical SEO.


SEMRush is an all-in-one SEO toolkit that provides comprehensive insights and analysis for your website’s performance. It offers tools for keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink audits, and more. For technical SEO, SEMRush can help you identify technical issues on your website, monitor website health, and track ranking fluctuations. With its vast array of features, SEMRush empowers you to make data-driven decisions and improve your website’s overall technical performance.

Screaming Frog:

Screaming Frog is a powerful website crawler that scans your website and provides a detailed analysis of various technical aspects. It helps you identify issues like broken links, duplicate content, missing meta tags, and more. This in-depth analysis helps ensure that your website is search engine-friendly and easily indexable. By using Screaming Frog, you can proactively address technical issues and enhance your website’s SEO foundation.

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What is Technical SEO?

From ensuring seamless website crawling and indexing to enhancing user experience and page load speed, technical SEO directly influences how search engines perceive and value your website.

What is Technical SEO Important?

Technical SEO is the foundation of any websites SEO efforts. It incorporates user experience and website crawlability as well as many other inputs. With Poor technical SEO, users often have troublesome experiences on your website and search engines struggle to make sense of what it is you’re offering your visitors.

Can anyone improve their websites Technical SEO?

SEO is often thought of as being complicated and tiresome, but anyone can improve their technical SEO. From more basic optimisations like fixing broken links or compressing image files, to more complex work like log file analysis and codebase streamlining, Technical SEO is multifaceted but anyone can make improvements whether they’re big or small. 

What steps should I take in order to improve my websites Technical SEO?

We are currently building a whole resource for Technical SEO, so be sure to keep up to date with our latest posts to see!

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